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Welcome back. It's been too long I know. I planned to post every week but between my other job, my baby girl and all the sickness we've had, it got away from me. I've found myself returning emails and FB messages at 3am.... anyway...

Anyone who knows me well knows i was never really a "girly girl" until i had my daughter. That's when the world of frills, dresses, shabby chic and hair clips were opened up to me. Suddenly I was picking out a lot more pinks and a lot less blues. So when a friend of mine asked me to help her design a quilt for her 7-8 year old boy i was stumped. Really really stumped!! I found that all the themed fabrics, such as cars, trucks, planes and so on,where to childish for the long term. But the only other option was to set him up for the teenage years which is so boring. So as usual when I'm stumped i turned to Google. Although it took a lot of digging i found some idea's that I'd like to share with you.

Always loved red and navy together but the mural and super hero theme is so boyish. 

Turquoise and orange is very fresh. Just love it!

 Now i know this isn't too boyish but i love the letter cushion and i am a sucker for the duck egg blue.

 The pops of red in these last two make the rooms!!
I am a big believer in redecorating rooms as our kids grow. I hate the idea of a nursery looking like an office or a teenage girls room with fairies all over it. A tin of paint doesn't cost enough to stick with us for a life time! Besides it's so much fun redecorating and i cant wait till My Girl is old enough to pick out her favorite colour. Would love to hear what you guys think!!!


  1. Hey Lydz. I LOVE the superhero theme!!! Its addorable. Would totaly do that in my boys room! Great find!!!! :)

  2. I love the superhero room too, colours are great and also
    the theme is subtle. Also love the others too, not how clean
    it would stay with my boys though. Great post!!!


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