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So I'm asking for your opinion today. Yes I mean you. :)

I LOVE decorating with word and letters. I would have everything that is visible labeled with gorgeous ribbons and papers, if i didn't think it looked a little o.c.d. This week I had the chance to re-do my HOME sign/letters. I was planning to brighten them up by painting them white since they used to be a dark grey colour. But after flicking through a "few" blogs i decided to cover them in some gorgeous paper. I'm slowly introducing greens and blues in the lounge room and this was a really nice way to do that. So, as always, Check it out.

Here are the steps If your interested:

1. Firstly you need to purchase your letters. Any size works it just depends on the look your going for. They are available from any craft store such as spotlight or lincraft and most scrapbook stores have them too. And while your there grab some paper to cover your letters with.

2. Paint the edges in your chosen colour. I chose white.
3. When your paint is dry, trace around the letter onto your paper to create the cover piece. Then cut it out.

4. Stick your paper letter onto your wooden letter by painting the wooden one all over with pva glue. Be sure to cover all the edges. Then carefully place the paper down onto it. 

5. Using a dry roller, roll over the paper to squeeze out any air bubbles. then let dry completely. (This is an important step. For anyone who is an impatient crafter like me, if you don't wait your paper will tear when you try and trim it. Trust me.)

6. Using a small craft knife trim any excess paper. You could also run a sander across the edges, like i did, to create an almost antique rough edge to it. 

7. Lastley give it a coat of pva glue. The pva glue dries clear and give the letters a nice 

And voila, You've got yourself a one of a kind set that no one else has.

Now to get your juices goin here is some inspiration.

C Diane Zweig
House of
The Bella Life

I really like this look. I love that it doesn't spell anything and each letter is actually very beautiful. I think that's what the focus is meant to be, not that it doesn't spell something.

And these are just another way you could use letters.

So then back to your opinion. What do you think? Do you like it or is it over done? Let me know, I would love to hear form you.

Today I'm off to the Better Homes and Gardens show in olympic park. Hope the weather holds up and i really hope Little Miss holds up. Hope you enjoy your Friday and weekend.


  1. They look great!Question though, what do you seal the wooden letters with? I tried painting some in the past and the wood (MDF?) just seems to soak the paint up. So mine have been put away because they look a bit sad :(

  2. Just use a primer/undercoat. Easily found at the hardware. Give them a good sand back and start fresh and they will come up nicely. :D


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