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After all those gorgeous kids rooms i posted over the last few weeks i thought I'd share with you my girls room.
So today I'm taking you for a small tour (it is a small room after all) through Little Miss's room. 

When i decorated this room we were down to one income and half a kitchen. (Yes we were renovating at the same time) So I had to be very wise with my spending. The only splurge was the cot and change table, which my parents very generous gift payed for. The rest is history. Check it out.

This is the mural on one side of the room. I can't take credit for the design I found it in one of my many mags. I just made it my own. When I first painted on mother owl's eyes she looked stunned, a little imagination by my husband and now she always looks so happy. A nice cheerful start to the day.  

Of course I had to make her a quilt. This is the one that started the obsession with all things pretty and girly. This quilt came before anything else in the room.

These are made with left over strips of fabric from the quilt. I was planning to make a flower chain with them to hang on Little Miss's cot, but this corner of the room needed something and these hit the spot. I've also dotted them around and mother owl wears one proudly on her ear.

My dream nursery would have a small vintage chandelier hanging in it. But as i had a budget of $0 i opted for a pair of suede light shades form Target. I got some ribbon and beaded trim from spotlight and patiently attached it with my hot glue gun. Patience is always the most important step when using a hot glue gun. Ouch!


Now that Little Miss is 20 months, her room doesn't look exactly like this anymore. There are a lot more toys and a big activity station complete with chalkboard, it was bound to happen. But my latest addition which i will share with you is a vintage look mirror.

White spray paint is my friend!!!! When I first saw it, it was a retro "gold" colour, I thought to my self "Now now, it is just too selfish for you to have this all to yourself Missy. If you can't share it, then no one gets to bask in the glory of it's goldness." And so as a sacrifice for all I sprayed it till the can ran out. Hehehehe!!

Hope you liked my tour and I'm looking forward to sharing more with you.


  1. It's such a beautiful room! Yours lamps
    have given me an idea for my bedroom,
    I want a black chandelier and hubby said
    it's not going to happen, so mini ones may
    be the go..... thanks

  2. Glad to hear. I'm so happy to help!! :D

  3. That is very inspirational and smart of you!! Way to go with your creative self! Thanks for sharing, have a wonderful day!



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