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It's been so dreary this week. We've only had one sunny, day which thankfully was the day we spent at the beach. The only thing I think that is good for this dreary weather is sewing!!! Well I do love a good movie or magazine as well but the good thing about having hubby home on holiday is that I have an extra pair of hand with our little miss. :) So sewing it is!

First on my list was to replace the toy basket. It's reached it's expiry with the kids jumping in it, on it and rolling around over it, it's definitely time to replace it. I found this tutorial at PipiJoe and thought it was perfect. Little miss can jump in, on, and over it all she wants and all I have to do is dust it of and fill it up. This is what I got up to.

You will need a quilters to heavy weight fabric for this project. The bucket is made up of 2 pieces. The base and the side. You can make this any size you want you just need to make sure the side piece is as long as the circumference. (eeeeek) Here is a circumference calculator to help you along. So if your circle piece is 24cm in Diameter your rectangle piece should be 75 across. (these are my total measurements)You will need 2 sets, one for the outside and one for the lining. To make the circle piece the easiest way I've found is by folding your fabric in quarters (ironing it helps) and pining it down at the point with a tape measure. Then rotate the tape around and mark at your measurement as you go.

I've added 1cm because of where I've placed me pin. And this is what you end up with.


The next tip I have is when you get to the step where you need to attach the bottom to the side piece, pin pin & pin. The more pins the more accurate your finish circle will look. 

Make sure to leave your pins out slightly so you can easily grip them as you get close. The rest of the tutorial is self explanatory. I've just added handles to make mine a bucket/bag. The best thing about this bucket is it's reversible! And the finish product...

Too cute. I'd like to see little miss wreck this one. This would also look so cute at the door filled with all those thongs and flats I keep leaving around the house. It would make a gorgeous knitting basket. Possibility's are endless. For the meantime the toys look very happy in their new home.

Hope your all enjoying your holidays and I'll see you next time!

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  1. love it!!! I might give it a go!!!


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