Another January!

I can't believe another year has gone again! A friend of mine said that the years seem to go faster with kids and I have to agree. Little miss is 2 soon and I just don't know where the time went! Also this time last year we were eagerly waiting 3 more additions to our extended family and now this year they will be turning one.
It's kinda funny how much you anticipate something and before you know it, it's been and gone. The memories always bring a smile to my face though.

Last year I learnt a lot of new things. The biggest one is blogging. I used to read in magazines about women who run online stores and who write blogs and I was blown away by their talent and independence! I NEVER thought I could do what they do, especially because of my lack of computer knowledge. I have to admit I still am not sure if I can. Each post comes to me minutes before I write it. (including this one) But in review of the year I have really enjoyed what I have done and all the new things I've learnt. And my biggest project of the year was creating Dream Patch!

I had a late start last year but this year I've got a full one so I hope I will be able to create more things for you to enjoy, write more posts for you to read and spend more time enjoying it! So here is a little sneak peak I have of what's coming up.

I did say little! The first 2 you will be able to purchase and the last 2 are projects of mine I thought I'd share..

I'd also like to thank you. Thank you for reading my little blog. I sometimes think I'm talking to my self until I get a comment. It really does make my day. Thanks to my family & close friends who follow me and comment and purchase my quilts. You have been my main support over the year! Yes you know who you are. I've realised how amazing my hubby is in his pateints for teaching me how to run DP. He is my editor, reading all my blog posts and helping me rephrase things, and also liking all my FB posts. Thank you!!!!
I hope you stick with me this year. I've just found my feet. (It's taken me a little while but I'm getting there) And this year will be bigger and better!


  1. Nice post! Looking forward to seeing your lovely creations
    throughout the year :)

  2. Hi Lydia,
    Can I ask you where you buy your fabric?
    I really like all the thing you have created.

  3. Hi Amy,
    Your welcome to ask! I buy from a few places. Online at and ebay. Any local fabric stores as well. If you keep tuned I'll be selling fabrics by moda. Love hearing from you!

  4. Hi Lydia, hope you are well. Thought i should drop you a line, so that you know you don't talk to yourself, there are people that read your posts and find your work wonderful. I don't have a blog myself (i guess i am at the point where you were, when you started this project!), so maybe i should say a little bit about my self:my name is Eleni, i'm a 33y/o greek architect, interested in all sorts of crafts(crochet and knit primarily), my latest project was sewing a simple elastic-jean dress (very proud of it-my first dress ever!), and now i am on to making the first baby quilt ( having a few friends expecting babies, it would make a nice gift as well). However, i have found so many patterns, but haven't found a greek online store that sells all those pretty fabrics you use(local stores are not so upgraded yet). I constantly look for inspiration everywhere and never give up!! excuse my long speech, wish you all the best, my email is, if you want to reply (or ban me!! :) ) keep up the good work!!


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