Bargain hunter.

I've been eyeing out a white wrought iron bed in the window at Bed Bath and Table for ... well since they opened about 4 years ago. A few months ago I had the confidence to go in and ask how much it was. Are you ready... $1400. Yikes! I was thinking it was around $300-500. My first reaction was "why so much?" "It's Australian and hand made with real wrought iron." I was told. Yeah alright I guess that explains it. I told the lady I'd take my chances with Ebay. A few months later I won this beauty...

Cost me a whole ...$61. If you could see the grin on my face as I'm writing that number. (It's a big one) The gentleman told me it cost him almost a grand when he bought it and as I was putting it together I found in hand writing "40 winks" written on it. I'm really happy with it. :)
Now I haven't shared with you the most amazing part. In December I bought a brass bed for $5.50. (The lady was very unhappy about that) One of those more traditional ones. After setting it up I really didn't like it. My mum loved it, she said it reminded her of one her Aunty had... need I say more. I sold that bed for $60. Then used that for the white one I now love. So all up I'm only out of pocket $6.50. How awesome did that turn out. I'm tempted to keep going and see what I can end up with.

So here are a few of my secrets for selling on Ebay.

~Firstly (and the most important) is photos. Always try and take the best photo you can! Never put up blurry ones. If people can't see it properly the are less like to bid. If it's furniture your selling, set it up. Make the bed, set the table or arrange cushions on the couch. Help people imagine themselves using it.
~Secondly is timing. Try and post items at a time people will be home. Not as many people are going to be near their computer at 8am on a Tuesday morning compared to say 7pm on a Monday night or 3pm on a Saturday afternoon. This can make a huge difference.
~And thirdly be reasonable. One of my pet hates is finding people trying to sell a couch they bought 20 years ago for the price they paid then. Think of how much you would pay and start there. Keep in mind it may have been worth a certain amount when you bought it but it's second hand now and you'd be lucky to get over half the amount.

I'm just sharing with you my experience with buying and selling on Ebay. These tips are in no way a binding contract or anything like that. And in saying all these things, you may have a totally different experience. Every product is different and the want or need for it will be too.

Would love to hear your experiences or tips. What was your latest bargain?


  1. Gorgeous bed Lydia!
    Bit afraid of eBay, but you make it sound easy.
    And I want to get bargains too!!!

  2. Lucky you. Great tips, I agree that timing is important. I hate when I can't be home for closing auctions.


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