The Conclusion...

Do you remember the little teaser I left you with a while back? I promised I wouldn't show it to you till the gift was unwrapped by the mother-to-be but I've been busting to show you. The deadline was January and it is so time for the reveal...

So here was the design brief... A Dream Patch quilt turned play mat. Something not too pink and slightly different to a standard patch work quilt. So here is the finished product. Patch work play mat! Made with all cotton fabric and batting as always. Every petal individually cut and quilted in 7 contrasting fabrics. Oh and aren't they so yummy!! I'm a little jealous I don't have one! It is very exciting to know that a precious little girl will be learning to sit, or roll or even crawl on this play mat. Ahhh the life of a play mat... hehehe

I will be selling one of these exact ones in late January so if you would like one keep an eye out on my Facebook store. Love to hear what you think, and also do you have any suggestions for a boys one?? (obviously not a flower)

Enjoy your day! :)

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