Cushion Love!

Are you a cushion person?
You either love them or hate them. The problem in our house hold is Mr DP hates them and I love them. Well not an intense love like I must be completely surrounded and engulfed by them. Just a "I think they make the place look pretty" type of way. And in a practical sense my back aches without one... really.... it's true I NEED cushions. Any way whether you love or hate them they do make a change in the appearance of a room.

Great Interior design
For example the gorgeous window seat in the back there wouldn't be so inviting without the cushions. Right?

Sew in Love
 They can introduce colour to a neutral room.

Sew in Love
They can be so adorable you just have to have it for the kids room!

Bridal Wave
Or they can send a message. Can you tell I'm pleading my case here?

And this one is my latest addition.

I do love to feel like I'm floating on a cloud when I'm in bed, which explains the 6 pillows and 1 cushion. And yes most of them end up on the floor through the night but it's totally worth it. If you'd like to make this cushion stay tuned, I'm working on a tutorial for you! I should have it up in the next couple of days.

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