Summer Fruits.

So this one is new for me. I've never posted a recipe before but I've noticed a lot of crafty blogs do. I guess they seem to go hand in hand. Everything that we love about making our own clothes, quilts or scrapbook pages is also in cooking and baking. The warmth and homeyness of it. (I don't think that's a word but you know what I mean) And I really love to unleash my inner food stylist every now and then. So I thought I'd join in on the fun.  Oh and just a quick note, when I made this I didn't really measure anything so my measurements are just an estimate. Feel free to add or take out anything you want.
I know the recipe is very vague but I made it up as I went and from memory this is what I did. And the quantity makes one jar worth so it's made to eat asap. The reason I tried it is because I hate throwing out fruit and peaches seem to get over ripe fast in our household. This was the solution. Now we can still enjoy it a little longer. :)

 Just a few extra things. I made my chunks big and later mashed half with a potato masher only because I love chunky jam. I also added a little water to make it more...gooey then jelly. (Did that even make sense?) 
And then the last thing is some cream and scones... or pancakes as we did on Saturday morning.

Yummmmy! (If I do say so myself...Hehehe)

Next up for me is plums! :)

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