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Hi there,
I picked up this oh-so-cute charm pack and it's been sitting with my fabric stash for too long. The thing I love about this collection is it could easily fit into a boys or girls room. Perfect for that expectant mum that wants to keep the baby's gender a surprise! It is always so hard to shop for boys and girls.

Yesterday I finally got started on this quilt.

Moda Bake Shop
Looks fun and cute.

I'm working on something big that is soooo exciting for me. I never thought I'd ever get to do something like this and I really hope it works out. We're only testing the waters at this point but for any of you who sew or even buy I'm looking at stocking pre-cut fabrics (for the time being) for you to purchase or select from for quilts and play-mats. It'll give me the opportunity to have a continuous supply of fabric so hopefully quilts will be coming more regularly. I really hope you come along with me on my new adventure. I really REALLY enjoy your company!

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