Cushion Tutorial.

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As promised I'll be doing a simple tute to explain how I made the cushion from my last post. If you've made cushion covers before this is exactly the same with a little addition before you put the two faces together. If not I'll be explaining from the beginning.

Firstly my fabric. The reason the circles stayed so well with out fraying too much is because I used the latex backed fabric meant for blackout curtains. I know that it's not really made for cushions but it was a gorgeous colour, it keeps my circles in shape and doesn't stretch or warp. And the amount of fabric I bought cost me $3 so why not? If you weren't using latex backed fabric you would have to cut double the quantity of circles and stitch them together right side facing. Then turn them right side out and press to get to step 3.
Hope you like it.

What you'll need: 

~ Chosen fabric, quantity depends on the size of your cushion insert. I needed .25 meters.
~ Cushion insert
~ Matching thread
~ A small plate
~ Fabric pencil or pen.

Step 1.  Measure your cushion insert then add 2cm for your seam. This is your cushion front and back measurements. You will need to cut 2 off.

Step 2. With the remaining fabric and using your plate draw your circles on the wrong side of the fabric. You'll have to calculate how many circles you'll need depending on your plate and cushion size.  If your not sure or like me couldn't find the calculator, just keep cutting until you've ran out of fabric and play around with it at the next step. I needed 12.

Step 3.  At this point you should have 2 squares or rectangles and a whole heap of circles. Now it's time to play with placement. I kept playing around till I got this. The first row is made up of half circles... well you can see the rest.

If I had more fabric I probably would have kept going all the way down the cushion. Anything goes at this stage. Your only limited by your imagination. Make sure you pin all your pieces in place.

Step 4.  So now its time for some sewing. Firstly the circles. At first I tacked them on like this.


But id didn't work very well. the circles weren't staying in position. So after some unstitching I tried it this way and it seems to work a lot better! Keep going with each row starting from the bottom and working your way up. You should end up with a finished front panel that looks just like the image from step 3.

Step 5. After finishing the front panel it's time to add your zipper.This image is from The Purl Bee. They have a great tutorial on how to attach zippers. Head on over for this step. I couldn't have explained it any better!

The Purl Bee
Step 6. Once you've finished your zipper all you need to do (with it still inside out) is sew the remaining 3 sides. Clip the corners before turning it right side out and insert you cushion insert. Voila! Your all done!

New cushion for the lounge, Bed or the reading nook. Hope you enjoy making your cushion cover as much as I enjoyed sharing!

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