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Hiya again, how was your weekend? We've had the sniffles unfortunately. Little Miss got it first and shared it with me. I feel truly loved. :P

My new word of the day is tessellation. I have never heard of a tessellation quilt before. After looking it up a learnt that it meant: A shape or tile that is repeated to fill a surface without any gaps or overlaps.

Like this, and this is the simplest form I found. Have a look at these beauties...

Quilts Plus Colour

Dream Castle Quilts
Chalk Dusters
Nice hey? My fav has to be the bird one at the top. Gorgeous colours and birds... need I say more. :)
So this is the next one on my list of quilts to make and I've got just the charm pack waiting.

Gorgeous colours from Moda (as usual) So beautiful for girls with out being to... pink. 
Do you think a girl can have too much pink?

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  1. hello Lydia thought I'd check out my latest follower, and here I am.

    Tesselation is a great word cant wait to see what you make!



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