Ritzy Cracker Quilt

...and the Ritzy cracker quilt is all done.

Turquoise binding to finish off and as you can see in this shot the backing fabric is also turquoise with white polka dots.

Simple border quilting.

So what do you think? Do you like the colours? 
This quilt is up for sale in my new location at Etsy. If you would like to check it out all you have to do is hit the "Visit My Store" tab at the top of the page and it will take you there.
Hope to see you there soon!


  1. Fabulous colours in your quilt Lydia. The binding really sets the quilt off. Happy sewing,

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  3. Love the quilt with its vibrant color choice. Good luck on your store on Etsy.

  4. Thank you ladies. I really appreciate it!!

  5. Luv your quilt. The colours really zing! Enjoyed a good browse in your blog too. Love the decorating ideas. My decorating style can only be described as 'accidental'! I'm hoping by following you a bit of 'good taste' will rub off on me!
    Good luck at Etsy!

  6. Wonderful quilt and I love the colors! Looks like a fun one to make.


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