Writters block.

I apologise in advance for the boring post and hope that it wont stop you from visiting again!

That has pretty much been my week so far. Every time I get on the computer to write a new post I'm completely stumped. It might be because I've been a bit lazy with my sewing projects. I'm blaming the weather, that seems to be the excuse lately. A grey morning says "stay in your pj's and watch movies with a quilt and a never ending cuppa" to me and probably even to the most motivational person. I have been doing alot of stalking for the Down Under Doll Quilt Swap which is heaps of fun! And I did get started on that Half Square Triangle quilt. Hopefully the rest of the week will be a little more productive. So I just wanted to drop in and say I'm still here... just still in my pj's.

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  1. I am still in my Pj as well as I have been sick. I had root canal and I have been in lots of pain. So you are not on your own.


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