It just popped into my head!

Here's a question for you. What do you do with a wine glass when the stem has broken off?

You grow something in it of course!! (not mold if that's what your thinking)

A little soil plus a geranium cutting from the garden equals an oh so cute "pot plant" for my kitchen.

Now I'm no green thumb but I love the look of this and because there is no drainage I've only been spraying the plant with water. If this doesn't live I'll just try something else.

 It's new home is right beside my chopping boards so I can enjoy looking at it every morning!

Oh and after a lot of umms and arghs I think I have the fabric selection for my Down Under Doll Quilt Swap. I'm still adding to it so this isn't the end but I like the direction it's taking.

Just hope my secret partner likes it too! It's kinda hard to make a quilt without putting your influence and style into it. I guess that's the point of a swap, to receive something you like but probably not something you would have made for yourself. I'm getting really excited about receiving mine! I'm loving everything that's being added onto the Flickr group so any one of those would sit proudly on my wall or table!
I'll keep you posted! ;)

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  1. Cute idea with the wine glass....and I love your fabric for the doll quilt!

    I'm going to start following you, maybe you would like to follow me too.

  2. love the idea. and the fabrics for DQS. another idea for the glass if it does not work like you planned... glue a knob to the bottom and use it for the cover on another object for the same effect just upside down.

  3. Beautiful fabric choices! And your idea for the broken wine glass is great. I would have just sent it out with the recycling!

  4. Love the new flower pot - and the fabric is really gorgeous.

  5. love your fabrics, can't wait to see what you do with them!

  6. What a great idea with the wine glass . Like your fabric to.

  7. Gorgeous fabric selections for your doll quilt. And I love the wine glass flower pot! Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday! : )


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