Just a quick Memo!

Hello and good morning. :)

If you didn't know, Blogger has been down for the last couple of days. I know some have lost entire posts so this morning I've just been flicking through my little blog to check if anything was missing. Thankfully all my posts are still here. But I have noticed some comments have dissapeared. If you have entered the give away please check if your comment is still there... and if you haven't... why not?? :P
Just head over HERE and check your comment or even make a comment. It's all good.
Because of loosing a couple of days. I'll be drawing a winner on Tuesday night.

What are you up to this beautiful Saturday? We're heading into the city and making a day of it. Grandparents, Cousins, Aunty and the kitchen sink. Catching the train and everything. (It's been a while since I've caught a train to go anywhere) I know the kids will enjoy it. Hope you enjoy yours!

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