My latest find.

One of my FAVOURITE things to do is buy antique or second hand furniture and re-vamp it. I have a few projects sitting in my garage to finish and I've added to it with a couple more. The latest being a "Big Girl Bed" for my little miss. And here is the best part.... 99c win on eBay. (now you understand why I'm an eBay junkie) So it's not very pretty at the moment.

Something like this but not so ornate, and in a more honey timber colour. But this is what I'm envisioning...

BKK Home

Home and Garden
Lots of white bedding with a little...

P.S. I Quilt

A Quilting Life
and definitely a lettered Cushion!!

I'll keep you posted!!!


  1. Someone I said I was creative the other day....I asked them if they had met u???? Love ur work! X

  2. Ahhh Gorgeous!! I have just got into finding treasures from second hand stores... how fun!! Cant wait to see it finished xx


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