Sewing Corner in Progress.

Hello, remember me??? It has been too long I know.
I have missed blogging and because of being away I've hit a little bit of quilters block.
I've been doing a bit of redecorating in what used to be just the study. With all the fabrics I've been getting in I decided it was time to pinch some space from that room and create a sewing corner for myself!! It's still in progress, though it has come a bit of a way since taking these pics. 

First thing I wanted to do for my sewing nook was to create a storage solution for all my spools of thread. I love how many have displayed their spools on the wall and I wanted that but with a little more.... uniqueness. After searching on Google images for a little inspiration I came up with this.

It's made up of a piece of MDF wrapped in batting and polka dot fabric then simply stapled to the back. With plenty of patience and a little calculating I hammered in 49 nails evenly spread for a more organised feel.

And as you can see from the first image, I also added a  few of my fav fabrics for a little colour. 

I have since bought a couple of new desks and I've also been painting up an old buffet and hutch (an eBay buy naturally) which is great for displaying all my fabrics and craft supplies. But they are the work in progress part. I can't wait to get them finished to show you the final product. 
In the mean time I'll get stuck into it.
Enjoy your week!

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  1. Looks great and very organized! Loving that little bird house.

  2. Lovely sewing corner. Hope you'll find lots of inspiration and spend a lot of time here...
    ; )

  3. Your spools look fantastic Lydia! The gorgeous range of colours makes me want to sew sew sew!


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