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I caved! I tried to start a scrappy looking quilt but it wasn't going to work. (which I kinda already knew) I love to match fabrics and my collection wasn't big enough to make a whole quilt in turquoise and red. I can really only do organised scrappy. Does that make sense? I love picking out fabrics but the thing that is so appealing about a collection of fabric is that all the thinking is done for you. Plus I couldn't justify buying more fabric when I have a whole heap of untouched pre-cuts sitting pretty in my sewing cabinet. My hubby got into my ear years ago and his voice is always in my head patiently asking... "Do you really NEED that?" He is the more responsible one when it comes to money. 
So I started my blocks again. This time using Oasis by 3 Sisters by Moda. I have to admit I was half hearted about this range when I started (only because I was worried about it being to girly as I'm not that way) but after the first few blocks I really couldn't stop. I love it now. I can't wait to get it pieced together.

I'm still trying to catch up with everyone else. These are the first 9 of 11 that I have done. The only thing missing from the Oasis range was polka dots and there is no way I could have that. ;)
There are soooooo many amazing looking blocks. I'm loving the rainbow ones I've seen about. They will undoubtedly make amazing looking quilts. 
Are you doing the quilt along? I would love to see your blocks too. Just leave me a link and I'll be sure to visit!


  1. I LOVE your choice of fabric. Also love the rainbow one....it almost has me tempted to start another set for total contrast to what I am doing!!! Mine can be seen over at lilabellelane.blogspot.com

    What do you think you will do with the first set of blocks you started?

  2. These are really pretty Lydia! I have only done 5 blocks, although I always knew I'd never be able to keep up!


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