My Sewing Space

I wanted to share with you my sewing nook. I gave you a sneak peek when I showed you my spool holder and now I've pretty much finished my little desk area. Before I was constantly packing and unpacking my sewing machine and fabrics on the dining table. Because of the dining table being the only place to eat and it being in the middle of our kitchen I couldn't leave any thing there for little fingers to reach. So I pinched some space for myself in the study. I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner. It's not the biggest room ever but it's cozy and as soon as little miss is tucked in for the night hubby and I like to retreat in here with a cuppa and chocolates while I sew the night away. I hope you enjoy my tour.

 The thing that I love in this space is seeing the morning sun on my desk! It just makes me want to sew first thing in the morning. I don't really get the chance but I am here in this seat almost every night.

On my desk is a cutlery tray from Ikea which I use for my scissors, rotary cutter and anything else I need on hand. I've also got a memo board which I keep pics or blocks that I love and card from friends. 

My gorgeous doll quilt from the amazing Michelle at The Quilted Tortoise up on the wall over my cutting mat. 

This is my book shelf / sewing cabinet / bar. It's got everything from books to wine to sewing machine accessories. We used to have three smaller cabinets for all this stuff but to me it felt a bit cluttered so we got rid of all of them and got this buffet hutch set off eBay. I really wish I had taken a before shot but in my excitement and inpatients I forgot. It used to be a dark honey coloured timber with average timber knobs. I replaced the timber shelves with glass ones and my amazing man pimped it up with lights so at night it glows.

I painted the back of the cabinet a soft green colour because although I love white furniture this piece really needed some colour. 

 This is how I store my already opened jelly rolls. I like being able to see all the strips of fabric that are left and this really makes it easy. 

Well I hope you enjoyed my tour. I joke that I'm slowly inching hubby out in hopes he buys a laptop instead of a pc and I get the whole room but I don't think that would ever happen. beside I really enjoy our little rendezvous here in the evening. All in all it's more than I had before and I love it!!
Woohoo it's Friday today and that means the weekend is in sight. I hope you have an amazing one planned for this gorgeous weather. I'm hoping to squeeze some time in the garden and maybe plant a tree. 
Hope you enjoy!!


  1. Love your sewing room but that cabinet you did up is seriously goregous!

  2. WOW I love your cabinet! A well organised sewing space....alas mine is still very much a WIP :o)

  3. Love your new sewing space.. You and you HD have done a top job on the cabinet I just love it.

  4. What a gorgeous space Lydia! I love the colour of the walls. I was delighted when I spotted the DUDQS on the wall too!!


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