Progress Report.

After some much needed organising I realised how many projects are "in progress". I think the only way to remind myself to finish them is to share them with you. (I hope you don't mind) 
Firstly the Ruby quilt which I've pieced together. 

Loving the mixed up placement of the squares. Just have a border to put on with the left over charms and maybe a little bit extra, then basting and quilting.

My Summer House pin wheel blocks are coming along sooooo slowly. I've been doing 4 blocks an evening in hopes to finish them a little faster.

Not in a huge rush although I would love to get it of my "to do" list.

There is my Dresden Plate quilt or place mats. Which ever I finally decide on doing. What do you think? 

Oh and remember this quilt. It's ok if you don't. I forgot about it too! Yup that's how long it's been. My Lollipops gone triangles quilt. It's not quite this unfinished, I've put a few rows together since this photo.

I've still got my Farmers Wife Blocks to catch up on. I'm up to 5 and a half. (every bit counts!!!) And knowing myself I ended up opening a layer cake and re-making those blocks using Oasis by Three Sisters. I couldn't help it after spending half an hour to pick out fabric which in the end I didn't like. Also after seeing the gorgeous girly FWQA blocks by Amy from nanCompany,  I was inspired to go a more pretty vintage look.  I'll post picks soon, I just need a brighter day for photos since it's been raining for almost a week now. 
So there are the projects I'm least embarrassed to admit I've partially forgotten. I hope sharing them with you will get my bottom into gear and make me finish them. (or parts of them at least)

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  1. love all the colors in your quilt!

  2. Such pretty projects you have going. :) (And this is what WIP is all about - using it to get our projects finished.) :D

  3. You have lots of neat quilting projects going on! I love your Lollipops Gone Triangles. The Dresden Plate would make a beautiful quilt....but take some time. Depending on the size of it you could make beautiful placemats.

  4. What great projects you have going on!


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