Completely Hexed!!

I'm such a sucker!! I just have to see a picture of something I like and I'm already starting a project that I know I really don't have the time for. You'd think I'd learn my lesson...
(I know I'm not alone in this boat)

But in my defence starting a new project is so exciting and trying out hexagons for the first time just got my curiosity going. Since I started though I can't stop. 

This is the quilt that finally got me to try it out. I L-O-V-E it. I haven't been around blog land that long but I've never seen a quilt like this. I've been trying to find a project to make with solids and this one just caught my attention as fast as a "sale" sign. 

At the moment I'm walking around the house taking my hexi project from room to room in a kitchen bowl. It's not very inspiring. Until that is... I found this...

Now I've got my head down trying to finish this little project to make my bigger project more fun to carry around. I wish I could explain the logic in this but there really isn't any. What can I say I've got the attention span of a fly when it comes to sewing projects. (Insert cheeky grin here) 
In saying that I finally finished my lollipops gone triangles quilt. I'm about to baste my Ruby quilt and my Farmers wife quilt along has grown to 14 blocks. I'll be doing a WIP post hopefully tomorrow to show you. 

P.S. Don't forget my GIVE AWAY is still in progress. The link is in my sidebar or just head over HERE


  1. This is a really gorgeous quilt idea - i have never seen one like this before either but now that i have there may be more of them around -----when I finish all the other things I am doing!

  2. No your not the only one! Love the color choices so far and can't wait to see your progress.

  3. I love that quilt too, it's a nice spin on a grandmothers flower garden.

    Solids are great too.


  4. Love the 3 colours you've got so far! I too am tempted...


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