As boyish as they come.

I feel soooo bad that my last post wast MORE than a month ago. I'd apologise and give you all the excuses but I'm sure you've heard them before, and to be honest I can't guarantee it won't happen again. I really wish there were 2 of me just to get everything on my list done and dusted. All my sewing projects are still as they are in the sewing cabinet. Although I did get stuck into a commissioned quilt which is a little left of centre for me, but I had so much fun making it.

Being a mummy to a little girl doesn't lend me to many opportunities to make something so boyish!! I tried to really get into it using my nephews toy and my brothers car to take photos of the quilt. The pretty bird hook in pale blue just didn't seem to cut it. 

The quilt was made as a gift for a little boy who's daddy is a huge fan of Formula 1... (could you tell?) 
I really enjoyed the simplicity of the pattern. Sometimes I think a good quilt needs some really complicated or intricate pattern but really all you need is quality. If your using good quality fabrics than chances are you finished product will look great. 

Well that's really all I got time to work on in the last MONTH... but it was totally worth it. I'm really going to try and make more time for my sewing projects because unlike my day job, this is sooooo much more fun!!!

P.s. Do you like what I've done with the place?? :P


  1. Hi DreamPatch!! Thank you so much for designing and creating this. I'm sure my friends will love it for their little boy. Can't wait to give it to them! Thanks too for personalizing it!!! So simple but the quality was AMAZING!!!!

  2. Oooooh, lover the new blog design, looks gorgeous! I love that you kept the bits that are recognisable as you though x

  3. I love your new look and the new quilt. Well done


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