Girls night in.

How did you enjoy your long weekend? You can see what I got up to :)
My sister and I agreed we were over due for a sewing session so what better chance than a long weekend. I packed up my machine, headed over to her place and we made a night of it. Of course it wouldn't be a girly night with out some "girly" drinks. If your thinking "this is a set up for some big mess" don't worry these babies stayed on the kitchen bench while we sewed the night away. And sew we did!!

We were sewing away till 1am and the only thing that got us to bed was thinking that someone had to get up with the kids in the morning. This is what I took along in hopes I would get most of them done. 
My Jelly Girl quilt pattern from Fig Tree & Co and the sorted jelly roll strips. I also took my pin-wheel quilt but that one didn't leave the basket.

I really made a lot of progress! It would have taken me another 2 or 3 months to finish had I kept going the way I was. All I've got left is to cut the white triangles and then join these strips together.  This quilt is for my little miss's big girl bed which she'll be in very soon with the rate that she's growing. 

 I also started this quilt using a pattern from this book but I'm thinking its way too busy for my taste. Maybe I should stick to something more simple for this fabric... what do you think?? I don't usually work with such rich colours. Though this quilt would look amazing in solids. Mmmmm there's another idea to add to the list. ;)

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  1. Those pinwheel type blocks look awesome, it'll be great to see how they look once they're all together Nothing like a little positive peer pressure to get things going!
    I bet that a quilt from that book would look stunning in solids. Then you could do some funky quilting, and really let the pattern be the main attraction!

  2. I like the red block but that's probably because I haven't had the involvement you have in making it! The Jelly Girl Quilt is going to be fabulous!


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