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Just in case you didn't know this about me, I L.O.V.E. vintage and I've never been one to shy away from a good treasure hunt at any second hand store. The only thing really stopping me from filling every nook in my home with vintage finds is my poor hubby. Firstly he's trained me from long ago to hear his voice in the back of my head asking "Do you really need it?" Don't know how he managed that one but I live with it rattling around in my head, and secondly I can't bring myself to decorate our home in such a "girly" way, after all he lives here too. Though my latest argument is that he's out numbered 2 to 1 and he seems to be fine with that! ;) 

So one thing I always check for, since I love anything involving fabric, is table cloths. This is only a little one measuring 89cm (35") square. But the colours are really gorgeous and  the embroidery is nice and simple. I can just imagine having a nice cuppa in the garden on this cutie. 

The photo's don't seem to do it justice. It's found a home on my bedside in the meantime. :)

Also scored this queen bed sheet in amazing condition. I love this blue and I think I'll be using it for a quilt backing sometime. Don't have a quilt for it yet but I'm sure that will change soon. 

And lastly this little tea pot. Well that's what I'm assuming it is since it has a lid. Oh I just fell in love with the colour instantly and I knew I had to have it. It was then not even my hubbies voice in my head was heard, the only voice I could hear in there was mine!! :)

I did a quick google search for the stamp on the bottom and it turns out its from the 1930's. 

Look at those three beauties together there. As you can imagine I had the biggest grin on my face handing these over to the gentleman at the cash register. Couldn't wait to get these home. That particular store has to be my favourite. I always seem to find the best stuff in there. The last time I visited I found this mirror.

Of course it wasn't red when I found it. It was actually what ever was underneath the gold leaf that had rubbed off. It looked like it had been stored in a garage somewhere for a long time, the paper backing was rough and hanging on by one corner. There was a stamp on the back of this as well. 

It was manufactured in Canada somewhere. Not sure of the time though. 
I was planning on spraying it white until I got it home and just had the urge to do something really dramatic with it and I've had the urge to paint something red for too long now. This really took the edge off. :P

 I don't know if it's just me but I am really curious about things like this. I just think of the history in pieces such as this mirror. How did it get to Australia from Canada? How many reflections has it seen? ..... I really could go on..... but I think I'm starting to ramble.

P.S. I'll be sending the surprise parcel on it's way very soon so I'll be able to share with you the pics of the finished project below.


  1. Gorgeous tablecloth and other finds! Well done! I am right with you on that red mirror! so much cooler than white and now it goes beautifully with the table cloth too!

  2. I love your Op Shop finds! The teapot (coffee pot?) is fabulous! Wish my op sop was so well stocked!

  3. Beautiful embroidery and a great find, like everything else too!
    Quilting by the River


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