I'm dipping my toe in the button pool and you know what... it's rather nice in here. So I'll be staying for a while and hopefully you'll be getting wet too. :)

I've seen a few pins and hair ties but I'm a multitasking kinda gal and I like to be able to use the same thing, whether it be furniture, fabric or food, in more than one way. So here is my solution...

use the same button in more than one way. (Funny that)

There are a few sets already listed in my Etsy store so be sure to drop in and see if you like anything.

Hope you enjoy your holidays. Today is the last day for hubby and we get a long overdue 3weeks off. Lots of trips to the beach hopefully!! 


  1. Enjoy the beach and remember to 'slip, slop and slap'!! Lovely buttons! Merry Christmas!

  2. Aaaaah, I love to reside in button land too. These are beautiful and so are the projects. Love the barrette especially. Hope you are having a great holiday season!

  3. Nice proyect! Thanks and +1

    From the Caribbean blue

  4. where do you find the plastic button kits??

    1. These ones I got off Ebay. I think they are from China.

  5. I love the buttons on hair ties and hair pins! Beautiful buttons too.

  6. How cute and what a great idea! Thanks for the tutorial.

  7. clever idea for the button hair ties! Thanks

  8. So simple et so perfect.
    Just a perfect DIY idea. I love it.
    Thank you so much for this idea of hair accessorize to do.

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  10. These are so very cute! I have so many little nieces so this would make great stocking stuffer gifts :)

  11. I have included this cute project in my latest blog post - DIY Gift Ideas. Thank you!


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