Flying Geese...

I've been working on a few little bits and pieces lately. one of them being this panel which I'll be turning into a cushion. I just love the flying geese block and with Summer house fabric... swoon!

I was going for a scrappy look, not so clean cut like geese on white. Although I was a little worried that the blocks might appear a bit busy but in cushion size I think it ends up being just the right amount of busy. 

The colours are definitely summer and with the lack of sun around here I think this will really hit the spot. This panel used up only 12 charm squares with no waste. I used up every last bit of the squares even using the strips that were left over from the geese in a thin border.

Also quickly put together this ipad pouch with some left over good fortune squares. 
It's made up of bow tie blocks that  are too cute ( I think I should make a few more of those.) Just needs a little velcro tab and it's done.


  1. The Summer House fabric is very summery, isn't it? And the bow tie block is a great too! Pretty makes!

  2. Oooooh! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! It is absolutely gorgeous Lydia - the explosion of colour is beautiful! You know how addicted to white I am - this is great inspiration to get me away from it :)


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