New on the "to-do" list.

I think I've decided to do a new thing... instead if a 'work in progress' day I'm just going to do a "new on the to-do list' day. What ya think? Would you link up to that?Well that's probably only until Lee starts up WIP Wednesday again. You know I can't miss out on that... if i remember... and if I have something to show. :S

It's just I am constantly starting little projects and quilts in between finishing up other ones so wouldn't it be nice to show off what you've started. I guess that's the procrastinator in me trying to justify starting a new project before finishing an old one. I know I'm not the only one though.

This gorgeous fabric is Reunion by Sweetwater. I am loving the print!! I have never used lettered fabric but I  think I'll have to more often. 

And the blocks above come courtesy of this useful book. A must have in your quilting library if I do say so myself. It's got all the rotary instructions for making this block in 5-6-7 or 8 inches. as well as 500 other blocks. (obviously) Super handy for a lazy one like me that doesn't want to do the calculations. Not sure what I'm making yet... any suggestions? 

Also got my new business cards in the mail today. Love that turquoise!!! :)

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  1. No you are not the only one and word prints are so much fun to work with. Love the new business cards


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