Sewing package.

A friend of mine has just bit the bullet and bought herself a brand new sewing machine. So what better excuse to break open a Good Fortune charm pack and make her a beginners sewing kit. I have to admit while I was making all these bits I was so tempted to make another set for myself. I got as far as the apple pin cushion and now I'm happy. :) 

I got the pattern for the pincushion here. It's really simple and the tute is awesome with a printable template too. I had to make a couple more just for fun. There is also a pear version if that's more your thing.
For all those bits and bobs that come with sewing I made this little pouch. I just made it up as I went so I don't have any measurements to share. I machine embroidered her name along the side for that personal touch which I love to add.

Also had to add a little sewing kit. I made one for myself a while back and found it so practical. It's not to replace a sewing box or anything but whenever I need a needle and thread this baby always has my back!! ;)

I also put together a scissor pouch. Always handy to have and with kiddies that can reach pretty much anything this baby gives you a couple more minutes to catch them in the act before they get that button open.

Picked up this vintage basket, ...

finished up with a bow and this little parcel is in it's new home, being used to make all kinds of pretty things.

Be sure to stick around I'll be posting a tutorial for the mini sewing kit in the new year!!

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  1. Being the lucky sewing beginner to recieve this awesome gift, I was so thankful as I didnt even have scissors's! I was able to use my pressie to start cutting a dress pattern....then I read the instructions, which scared me :)
    Thankyou Lydia, your the best.

  2. What a sweet gift! Did you make up the pattern for the sewing kit yourself? It is very clever! I can imagine your friend really loving this and being SO motivated to sew!

  3. What a great gift!
    How kind of you!

  4. ooooh, i love this! cant wait for the tutorial!! yippeeeee! you are so talented, i couldn't make a pattern like that to save my life <3 :)

  5. That is a delight! I particularly like the idea of the scissor pouch. You've guessed it: I have a crafty 6yr old and a grabby 2yr old! I probably need an electrified fence around my sewing stuff but this is a far prettier solution! :0)

  6. Lovely! and how thoughtfull of you to give her these handmade gifts :)


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