Yearly wrap up.

Can you believe it. 2012. I  couldn't even think that far ahead when I was a little girl now I'm actually living it. I have to start by saying I am completely in denial that the year is over. I just can't understand where the time went. Reading all the blogs that have been posting their farewells to 2011 has really made it hit home. I guess I wish I'd done more this year. More sewing, more blogging and more networking. But looking back at all my pics I'm pretty happy with the things I have done. So here is my "The year that was" post. I'm all for a yearly wrap up, the collage is much more impressive anyway!

What have I learnt this year?
 I've learnt that the terrible 2's really are terrible...
Don't get me wrong, this year has been the most amazing with my Little Miss. She has learnt to talk this year. Oh boy does she talk. Although I will never assume another mother is exaggerating when they share their words of wisdom again. But I wouldn't have it any other way.

that I really can't make a farmers wife quilt...
At least I get points for trying. I bought the book feeling very gung ho about it then I made a couple of blocks that were too big and I didn't want to waste another hour on a block that would need redoing. I admire the ladies that have stuck with it and there are some amazing blocks out there. Can't wait to see the finished quilts in 2012

that I love braiding my Little Miss' hair, now that she finally has some...
Yes other than not talking Little Miss was a baldy. She only had a fringe until the beginning of this year. Now I'm going crazy with clips, braids and anything else she'll sit long enough for me to do.

that hand quilting isn't as hard and tedious as I thought...
I thought that hand quilting was harder than it actually is. Well not harder but more time consuming. I avoided using a needle and thread for a very long time. Kinda weird since I'm a quilter but that's the truth. If I could machine sew it, I would. 

that if I follow a link from a blog post I'll be on the computer for at least another 2hrs...
Oh boy how many hours are lost reading other blogs. But I'm hooked now and I don't think there is changing it. There are some very creative ladies out there. They all inspire me to learn new things. 

and that I should stop over thinking things, I am my own worst enemy.
This one isn't something I can change in 2012. It might take me a bit longer. It's taken me years to get where I am today. I'm constantly second guessing my decisions and that stops me from doing things I really want to do. I'm afraid of failing and so sometimes I don't try. (I'd imagine this is what a therapy session would feel like) The 2011 me would have deleted that and started the sentence again without the personal mushy stuff but I think 2012 me is keeping it! ;)

I do have a few things up my sleeve for 2012. I've finished my boring business for the year and I don't plan on starting it up again which gives me more time and a lot more drive to see DreamPatch succeed.
Thanks for sticking around. I hope you'll keep me company for the coming year as well, because I've really enjoyed your visits and I love visiting you too.


  1. A lovely mosaic of 2011 finishes! I am glad I found your blog this year! Happy 2012 to you and yours!!!

  2. Such beautiful creations, hope to see more in 2012! Have a great New Year!


  3. I am looking forward to sharing 2012 with you and seeing all of your creativity bloom. .....oh and arn't 2 year old just the sweetest ... hugs, Sharon

  4. What a beautiful mosaic Lydia! 2011 was the year we became friends! Wishing you a wonderful and happy 2012! Can't wait to see what you share with us mx

  5. You know, I think it's okay that you didn't make the Farmer's Wife Quilt... at least you tried, which is further than I got! :) I'd like to invite you to add your post to our year-end linky party at


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