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Alright so I actually have something to show this week. It's been too long I know.

This is my pin-wheel quilt. I finally got to piece it together after deciding on the layout. Which I am very happy with. I'm alternating a row on point with a row of straight pin-wheels. I really wanted to do them all on the diagonal but I didn't want a blank square of white between them so this was really the best way around it. And it turned out well because 5 pin-wheels on point is exactly 7 pin-wheel straight across. (If this is old news and I'm just sounding like a raving lunatic it's because I didn't plan anything about this quilt so when I realised this amazing discovery I was doing a little happy dance and feeling very smug!!)

This is Little Miss quilt. I LOVE this pattern. I'm already wanting to make another and I haven't finished this one. It's really turning out to be a sentimental one already. The first single size quilt for my Little Miss.Where does the time go??(Sniff sniff)

This is my favourite row. So bright and cheery!

Boy I bet you don't even know this quilt by now. I'm really REALLY bad at finishing up projects before starting a new one. This is my ruby quilt. (I started about 3-4 months ago... I think) Finally basted it and now it'll sit like this for another who knows how long till I finally quilt it. 
I'm a little embarrassed by this quilt. And here I am thinking of joining the Swoon-along. It's so hard to resist. I think this is a lot more "do-able" than the farmers wife quilt for me. Someone talk me out of this!! PLEASE! :P

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  1. There is no resisting Swoon! Jump in and see where you end up. It is a shorter commitment than the Farmer ..... believe me I'm doing both!

    I love wehre you have gone with the pinwheels :o)

  2. Love those pinwheels Lydia!! I think you should jump into the Swoon too - and this is coming from a girl who's currently a bit stuck with her own! They are such big blocks and loads of fun!!

  3. I love your hexie quilt - so pretty. The pinwheels look great too:)

  4. Your pinwheels are gorgeous, so bright and cheery!

  5. Wonderful projects! I'm especially partial to the Little Miss quilt. Such sweet, cheerful colors, and a great design.

  6. I am 'sew' in love with the fabrics you are using in your projects! I am loving your pinwheels and the quilt for your little girl. Simply beautiful. Would love to have you come link-up at Finished it Friday! Have a fabulous weekend! ~Kimberlee, The Spunky Diva

  7. I love the colors on the pinwheels! The little miss quilt is darling!

  8. The pinwheels are gorgeous! So bright and happy. : ) And I love the Little Miss quilt. Great pattern. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )


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