For the love of clips.

Here is a quick tutorial I wanted to share with you. Remember this mirror from my Little M's bedroom. Well a while back it got a new lease on life as a very VERY handy clip holder. I know I'm not the only mum that has been taken over by hair accessories and I sure wont be the last. So here is my solution.
I opened up the frame. All you'll need is the frame and backing board,  so get rid of the glass. (or in my case the mirror)

Pulled out a piece of fabric and batting from my stash.

Covered the backing board.

Yes that's masking tape. The backing boards are usually too thin for a staple gun so I used tape but a hot glue gun would have been better. (I had the thought to do this early on a Saturday morning and I really wasn't in the mood for hot glue.)  There is nothing actually hanging off the fabric so it doesn't need to be attached with anything too serious.

You'll need some assorted ribbon.

Now these will need to be stapled. I did this on the back of the frame in a spot that was thick enough. Check the size of your staples against the edge of the frame before starting. It's completely up to you how far apart you want them.

Put the whole thing back together and your done.

Now you can play around with the placement of all those gorgeous clips that should be shown off!!!

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  1. Wow, thanks a lot for this one... This would be the perfect solution for my daughter's hair accessories mess :)


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