More of a good thing is still good.

Well of these anyway. You guessed it, another sewing kit. Are you sick of these yet? I'm not! they make awesome gifts. (which this one is) I got my last book in the mail yesterday and to my horror it was rolled up and shoved into a newspaper hole. Not happy about that, but after a night between some hard cover books it turned out alright. 

Does that sewing kit look familiar. I was inspired by it. I LOVE the linen with the green fabric so I had to make it. 

The only difference from the pattern in the book is this fabric covered button. 

I'm really enjoying the look of linen. What I mean is that it's calming and I love that its not competing with the prints. 

I also put together these taggie soft blocks for a friends little boy. Haven't met her bub so I'm looking forward to catching up when we go away.

Two more sleeps and we're off to the Gold Coast. Just really hope this weather holds up for our week then it can do whatever it pleases. Either way I'm going to LIVE.IT.UP!!!
Cya when we get back.

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