We're back & a Winner!!

We're back! We had a great time and the weather was AWESOME. Only raining the day we were in Brisbane and the day we left. We had a jam packed trip that's for sure. Thought you might like to see some pics. (For the winner of the Sewing Kit give-away just skip to the bottom.)

The first couple of days we stayed with in the Gold Coast. Checked out Surfers paradise and the local shopping centre. Did lots of swimming in the resort pool. These pics though are from Sunday where we went for a bit of a drive. We stumbled over a couple of quaint cafes but this Tea House was gorgeous! There was gorgeous china everywhere and the gardens that this place was set on were stunning.

Every table was set so beautifully and there were chandeliers hanging from the ceiling even though we were out on the deck. 

Oh and sitting under the tree to the left of this picture was a gentleman playing the piano. 

On Monday we packed ourselves some lunch and lathered up in sunscreen and hit Dream World. 

First stop of course this store. Very "convenient" having this store right near the entry...

But the real reason we went was to visit Wiggle World. Oh boy was M excited. She was dancing as soon as she heard the music.

Very adorable!

On Wednesday we drove into Brisbane and had a look around. The weather wasn't the best that day but we still enjoyed ourselves. Made a pit stop in Max Brenner, played at the park in South bank and spent the day catching up with family. 

But I won't keep you waiting any longer... 
Firstly I just wanted to thank you all for commenting and following my little blog. I really appreciate it!
Out of 43 comments the winning number is...

Number 9
Lisa from Needles and Threads. I've sent you an email, looking forward to hearing from you!!

Thanks again lovelies!! 

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