A bundle for a bundle.

I've been wanting to share this little project with you for a while now and I actually have a few minutes to sit down and tell you about it. (mean while my bedroom is a mess because I've left the quilt and pillows on the floor with the bed half made)

Firstly I want to tell you a little about my gorgeous cousin. She has been encouraging me, for a few years now, to turn this little hobby into a small business. Every time she has a friend that's expecting or a baby shower to go to, she gives me a ring and asks me to make something to gift. I really love when she calls and says "this is what I'm thinking what can you put together?"

So this was one of those project. A bit of a challenge but still with a quilty feel. A personalised set with two bibs, two appliquéd body suits and a embroidered towel.
The fabric is Zoology by Michael Miller, a fat quarter bundle I bought form Fabric Closet on Etsy and the white cotton rompers are from Target. 

And since this was a formal occasion we felt that a tie was appropriate!

The towelling I bought from my local fabric store and the embroidery I did myself on my machine. I also used the towelling as a baking for the bibs for the absorption factor. Always handy!
It was so much fun to put this little bundle together. Loved making the bibs and I was thinking of making a couple for my little store. What do you think? 

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  1. I think you are very clever!!! The bibs are fabulous! And machine embroidery on the towelling! You have plenty of ideas for your store!

  2. Aww...while your comments are too kind and I love you lots, it's the quality of the workmanship, the love put into the work and the beauty of your work that keeps me coming back for more!!! Thank you for always making yourself available. You know I'll be back soon...xxxx Your cousin


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