Today I love...

a freshly made bed & a little girls room.

The sun streaming through my bedroom window, perfect spot for a cuppa.

Vintage embroidered pillow cases

Now I know this may seem a little random but to be honest I've been toying with the idea to write more about ... well anything really. I've found myself only really blogging when I've made something and to be honest I'm in a bit of a slump lately. Haven't touched the sewing machine in a few weeks. I know of some bloggers that share absolutely everything with their followers and other who only stick to one topic. I read both types and although I'm not fussed either way I just can't bring myself to talk about anything other than sewing. Kinda limiting. So I'm sharing some pictures of things that make me smile. I know they may be simple  but sometimes a pause at M's door to admire the sun on her bed is really something to enjoy.

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  1. If you continue to share such beautiful photos, I'll be back! I also think its nice to share something else about our lives once in a while! It's okay to not sew all the time!


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