Foundation piecing adventure...

So I thought I'd give foundation piecing a go and see if I was any good at it. I wanted to make a personalised cushion to go with this quilt. I made up my own letters and got started with some scraps.

Usually I go with appliqué letters or embroidery to personalise a quilt or set but today I was feeling adventurous... the rebel that I am! :P

Now I'm pretty sure a moderately experienced person would have had these 3 letters done in maybe MAX an hour. For my first attempt it took me... well I'm kinda a little embarrassed to share... almost all morning. Yup I kept finding holes where the fabric slipped and I had continued sewing. But with my trusty unpicker I kept at it until I had this to show for it.
Not bad I think. Just really glad it was a simple name. Boy I would have been stumped if I had to do any name much longer. But I'm hoping I might stick at it and one day make a couple of these... 

or these.


Lets see how that goes... roll eyes!

I've also been googly eyed over these fabrics. This is California Girls by Fig Tree & Co. These are just the blues and beige (the green is from my stash) but my oh my this is a pretty collection!! 
Another cushion in the making! ;)

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  1. Be careful :) paper foundation can be very addicting. Love how your letters are coming along. It's always great to challenge yourself.

  2. Love those letters and it gets easier the more you do, although I still make the mistakes just less often ;-)

  3. They look great! I was the same exact way when I first started paper piecing - it gets easier I promise (I also kinda cheat and make my fabric pieces a lot bigger, so I know it will fit). :)

  4. I love them! All your projects are real nice!


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