Cushion love

Winter is a time to snuggle, cuddle bake and sew... so that's what I've been doing. Stuffing myself with brownies, sipping lots of tea, snuggling up with a throw rug and making a few cushions.
 I thought I'd share a pic of a cushion I've been having fun with.
This is the first time I've hand quilted a project. My quilting of choice is machine but I really had fun doing this one. I know it's only a cushion but it took me long enough working with this little one I can't imagine doing anything much bigger. 

I've been wanting to make a cushion with this message on it for a while now. 
In my head it had more of a typography style to it but when I started I had to put in a patchwork border. It just didn't feel like me otherwise. ;)


  1. Your hand quilting is so yummy! Very beautiful, just like your blog!

  2. Love the colours Lydia and I'm always a sucker for perle quilting!


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