A quilt for Ava

You may remember a while ago I had a little go at foundation piecing. Well I'm happy to say it turned into a cushion to go with a finished quilt for my beautiful niece. 

And this quilt top turned into this finished quilt.

I really enjoyed this quilt. Even though there was a lot of slicing, dicing and trimming, it came together pretty fast... and I really enjoy a quilt that finishes up fast. I'm impatient like that.

I used the same pink for the binding and I used some cotton fabric I scored for next to nothing (for 100% cotton fabric that is) from Ikea. I really like the softness of the backing fabric. Its so cute too. ;)

If I couldn't visit this quilt I think I would have kept it all to myself... pfff who am I kidding, as soon as I see little Ava I'm ready to give her all my quilts and anything else she'd look at. Babies are just too cute!!

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