A dress for M

Not much on the quilting front lately. I've been working on a commissioned set of bassinet quilts for a lovely lady, who is expecting twins (almost done, pictures coming soon) but that's pretty much it.
That doesn't mean my sewing machine is gathering dust. I made another dress for M.

I thought I'd play it smart this time around and make a size smaller than what I would usually buy for her, which turned out perfect around the bust and arms but my 106cm 3yr old isn't as tall as your average 3 year old so even after making her dress at a size 5 length I had to add a band around the bottom.

Problem solved. 
The weather is beautiful here today so I might take advantage of M's nap by taking some pics, of those quilts I mentioned earlier, outside.

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  1. The dress is adorable! The hot pink buttons and band are the perfect finish!


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