Down under quilt swap

Ive done it. I finished up my quilt top for the Down Under Doll Quilt Swap.
I tell ya though, it's really hard getting out of my own way. I have these grand ideas in my head but I never plan anything and change it up as I go. 

Almost threw in the towel with these blocks but once I realised that I could fit a whole heap more if I made them smaller, well then there was no stopping me. I decided, at the last minute too, that I would
 put some white in there. I feel that my partner might appreciate this since most of the quilts in her mosaic had white in them. Lets see what kinda feedback I get in the flickr group


  1. Oh, you won't need any luck! Your quilt is going to be beautiful! Have you decided how you are going to quilt it?

  2. Oh glorious! This is amazing! The white makes the hexies pop! Beautiful and your swap partner will love it...and if she doesn't, I live in the States, but I'm an Aussie at heart! lol

  3. Absolutely stunning Lydia! You have one very lucky partner :)


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