DUDQS 2012

I'm participating in the Down Under Doll Quilt Swap again this year and I'm really excited to get started on my mini. I don't usually participate in any kind of swaps, not for any other reason but I always seem to find out too late. But this year the lovely Michelle from The Quilted Tortoise gave me a heads up. Not only is she the gracious host for this years swap, Michelle was also my partner from the last swap and I still admire her handy work every day!!!

This is the mosaic I've uploaded as inspiration for my partner to be. I know its all very different. I guess when I was trying to put my mosaic together I couldn't really pick any one style that I love more. I do like my traditional quilts but lately I've been swayed toward more modern ones too. The quilting in the centre quilt is just amazing and since free motion isn't my friend I can really appreciate this quilt. (no pressure partner, I promise!!) Last year Michelle made me a mini I adored and absolutely love and she had mentioned that she thought it would be nice to make something for me I may not have made for myself and I am so glad she did. So this year the ball is in the air. ;)

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  1. You were such a pleasure to sew for last year Lydia - it made my DUDQS journey so much fun! Imagine if I had you again this year…I wonder who your partner is???? Have I said how much fun it is hosting the swap because I know everything :)


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