Quilts for the twins.

What's more exciting than a bundle of joy? TWO bundles...
How many of you cringed? 

I always wanted twins until I had my little miss. Then my respect for any mum who firstly gave birth to 2 children within an hour of each other and then breast fed and nursed 2 children at the same time, completely sky rocketed!!!
I must be hard but watching 2 little ones cooing and laughing must make it all worthwhile.

I used Moda's Half moon modern collection for the chevron panels and the are small quilts about the size of a pillow case for the twins bassinets. The patches are hand written messages from family and friends, 38 in total. The citrus colours were requested since the gender of the bubs are a surprise. 

I could not wait to find out the gender of our baby when we were expecting M, so this mama has done really well to keep it a secret!!
Did you find out with your bub?

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