The Mario Bros Quilt


I did it... I started the Mario Bros quilt. I had already planned on making one for my gamer hubby but since Angela at Cut to Pieces started a quilt along I thought I'd tag along with them. I am making a few adjustments though...
Firstly I couldn't get my hands on anything like that interfacing stuff (yes that is the technical term :p) and the thought of sewing 324 blocks together after cutting them up doesn't sound at all fun. So I took a leaf from Kristen's book and cut strips of fabric and put my blocks together as I went along.


Also I'm using a different colour for each background and...

With help from my sis, the redesigned Mario
I'm redrawing a few blocks and swapping some characters.
I guess it still is the quilt I was planing on making to begin with but it's so much more fun to do it with a group! I'm loving the flickr group too. 
Oh boy how this takes me back. I have fond memories of playing the original Mario Bros on the cartridge style console. My sister and I would spend hours tying to get to the princess only to find you never really rescue her and the game is run through again in a different colour tone. 
When the first Sony Play Station came out we were so excited that our dad made a deal with us. If we'd save half the money he would match it so that we could buy one. 
Then the crash bandicoot phase started... ;)

Cut To Pieces

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