Well what can I say.... My name is Lydia and I'm a swoonaholic....
I tried to fight it but it was the peer pressure... I couldn't resist.

I've finished a cot quilt size top and I have to admit this is not what I was planing when I started. I had these grand ideas of appliqué and fussy cutting. Then I got scared and this is what emerged.
I like this better anyway! 

I used up the left overs from the flying geese block to add to the scrappy boarder. Couldn't just throw those puppies away.

I have to say that even though I had trouble understanding the pattern (had to make myself a cheat sheet to simplify the cutting) and my PDF pattern was faded a little, the measurements are perfect. Just look at those points above. Couldn't get them better if I tried.

Now the question is... how many swoons can you make in a day? ;)

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  1. I was wonering if you could help me? Where can I get a pattern for a Swoon Quilt?

  2. I haven't been enticed into making any Swoon blocks! Maybe i should, but I'm frightened of becoming addicted! yours look beautiful!


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