A finish!

It's a finished quilt.
I really enjoyed making this commissioned quilt and I absolutely love the colour combo but I have to admit I am glad it's done. (For the details head on over here) It's no easy feat quilting a single size quilt on your little desk with your average sewing machine and although I would do it again, I am glad it has gotten to the point where it can be enjoyed. Cause lets face it that is the best part!!!

Thanks to my hubby for doing the manual labour!
All the fabrics are from Hawthorne threads, and some I had on hand.
I've since sent off the quilt so unfortunately I don't have any measurements. Woops!

The back is a Denyse Schmidt fabric I scored on sale at my local Spotlight.

I added a little bit of personalising as requested.

For the quilting I just went in 1/4 inch from the seams onto the white. I didn't really want to take away from the fabric and pattern. I wasn't going to learn a new technique or try something too ambitious on a single size quilt. And for the binding I used up some left over strips I had in the different navy fabrics. Organised scrappy... is there such a thing?  :S

All in all I am really happy with how it turned out and I would be more than happy to make another just like this. I hope little Nicholas enjoys his quilt for years to come!!!


P.s. I know many people apologise for being absent and although I haven't blogged since last Friday I wanted to let you know that I won't be apologising. I would never say sorry for that. So this is me not apologising.**

** Note: When reading this sentence please use sarcasm and plenty of emphasis on the words "never" and  "not". 
K, thanks, bye. ;)

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  1. I tried this this afternoon but could not seem to figure out where my edges were, and then I need to cut off some of the fabric to make the edges even. It is a lovely quilt, but I think I would rather do HST. My brain is too feeble!LOL!!


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