A finished quilt...

A finished baby swoon quilt. I realised while I was making this quilt how much I miss using such a girly colour combo. I have been gravitating toward pinks a lot more lately. Must be spring in the air!!

So I will have to be making a pink, grey and blue quilt again some time soon.

You may recognise the centre panel, I used Sarah Jane's Hopscotch along with a simple blue polka dot I already had on hand.  

In the binding I included a little piece of Peach Weekends for a change, just to add to the scrappyness of the boarder.

Oh if I didn't know that this quilt would be used and enjoyed, it would have been a hard thing to part with it!! I guess it's like that with most quilts I make though. xx

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  1. It is glorious in its colours and crispness! Well done Lydia!


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