Bribery is my only choice.

In a bid to try and empty this pile up I've resorted to bribing myself . No new projects till I at least turn most of these into quilt tops. If it works for kids I guess it could work for me... the only pit fall is that I have to answer to myself. I feel like a battle has started between my head,which is saying to finish finish finish, and my itching hands, which are enticed by the gorgeous new fabrics that I just purchased at Hawthorne threads latest sale. That's a pretty big bribe isn't it. Lets see how long I can last.

One of the things in the wip basket are these granny squares. I've been adding to them as the scrap pile gets bigger. I'm pretty happy with it's scrappyness so far.

Stumbled over these at the very bottom of the basket. Farmers wife blocks. There were 16 of them, 3 of them are too big but I've already started piecing them together into a small quilt. 

And this is what I'm waving under my nose to keep me in line. I can tell ya now it's the hardest thing to look at this collection on my desk and not want to cut and snip through it like a mad woman on a mission but like I said bribery is the only answer. Now watch me power through that basket above.... or cave like a house of straw. Either way something will get made. ;)


  1. I know ho you feel! I'm doing the exact same thing!! I'm working on 3 UFO's then have to make 2 whole new quilts(5total) by Christmas for my kidos! That's my goal anyway;)

  2. Your FWs blocks will make a wonderful quilt! Keep going!


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