Doll quilt posted.

Well its on it's way to its recipient but not with out a couple of little goodies I made.
It seems to be the tradition to add a little gift, I think it adds to the excitement that little bit more!

So I added a zippered pouch that I made using this tutorial.
I think this is one of the easiest tutorial to follow when it comes to the dreaded Z word. But the thing that I love about this pouch is the huge opening that you get when its unzipped. Perfect for rummaging around in.
I will definitely need to make myself one. Usually the thought of a zipper scares me off, I've always given it a go but I've never been happy with the bulk it seems to create but this tutorial is genius... no chunky corners!!

Also added a simple pincushion.

Can you ever have enough pincushions. Sticking with the bright and cheerful scheme of course!
I'm still keeping an eye out for the posty!!


  1. The bunting fabric is great for the zipper pouch! Makes it perfect for anything!

  2. PS: I don't actually have a pincushion, it's been on my to do list for ever!!!! thank you again!!


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