A finished quilt... finally.

I know I'm not the only quilter that loses interest in a project when another one comes along. It's a viscous cycle which leaves a stack of quilt tops/blocks/cushions waiting to be finished. I'm a little embarrassed to say that this quilt has taken me over a year. I started this quilt when this fabric line first came out. I blogged about it here, here and I'm pretty sure I blogged about it before that too.

But what can I say... life happens. I also like to blame all those quilty blogs out there that just have to keep  on posting amazing patterns and tutorials. Oh and Pinterest, definitely Pinterest!!!

I am a sucker for pretty things, especially when they are made with gorgeous fabrics!!

Admittedly, I have the attention span of a three year old when it comes to fabric. So thankfully for me this last couple of months I have really been keeping my head down and getting stuck into those wip's that are haunting me and this is another one to check of the list!!! 

Next up... probably that other cushion that goes perfectly with this throw size quilt.

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  1. This is a gorgeous quilt! I LOVE pinwheels and the fabric is a perfect choice for this design!


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